10 Tips to Becoming an Idea Freak

Ajeet Yadav

Not a bad book title, “Idea Freak,” huh? Maybe my next book, who knows! So what does it mean to ...

idea freak

How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Ajeet Yadav

I saw an interesting question on twitter and immediately felt that I had to answer it: How long should a ...

digital marketing

The Three Pillars of Successful Blogging

Ajeet Yadav

There are three stages of blogging that people go through before they reach the pinnacle of their success. You can ...

How to Choose a Domain Name in 2023 [3 Easy Steps for Beginners]

Ajeet Yadav

How to choose a domain name is one of the basic questions that asked by amateur bloggers and also choosing ...

What is blog tagline: 50+ Best Blog taglines for bloggers

Ajeet Yadav

What is Blog Tagline and Why Blog Tagline Matters Blog tagline is defining any product means what is product is ...

Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2023

Ajeet Yadav

You can do an SEO without a plugin also but having a WordPress SEO plugin gives you more different ways ...

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