5 Steps to Dealing with Writer\’s Block – Don\’t Take Breaks!

Many online authors site writer\’s block as their reason for giving up their writing business. It can be an overwhelming and difficult thorn in your mind\’s side.

You feel drained, empty of ideas and pressured to get something out there for your readers. Here\’s how you deal with writer\’s block in 5 easy steps:

  • Calm Down
  • 24 Hour Google Search
  • Google Blog Search
  • Read Blog Rolls
  • Write

5 Steps to Dealing with a Writer\’s Block

1. Calm Down

A lot of writers tell you that you should take a break when you have been hit by writer\’s block. They are wrong. Unless you are having a panic attack and cannot continue, simply calm down and channel your constructive energies into the activities in the next steps.

If you take a break and you\’re like me, well then the break just pisses you off because you want to be off writing content, not sitting down later to see that the deadline is closer than it was an hour prior.

2. 24 Hour Google Search

Google your topic or niche which your site focuses on. Next, click on more search tools (if it isn\’t expanded already) to the left of google\’s search results.

Presto, you have articles, news and blog posts about your topic which you should look into for ideas.

3. Google Blog Search

Google has its own blog search tool which you can also make use of when browsing the content of other authors in your niche. Make use of this search type and the 24 hour google search option.

Now to Beat the Block

4. Read Blog Rolls

Maybe you\’ve already found some idea or topic which sparked your creative interest, but even if you have, I want you to read through the blog rolls (or link lists) of sites you\’ve found so far.

This will lead to even more websites for you to bookmark or get ideas from.

5. Write

Remember to cite the names of the places you visited in order to obtain your ideas (if you are going to use them directly) but otherwise just write your thoughts about any topic you uncovered.

Maybe there was a timely piece you could discuss with your readers or a tutorial you found thanks to combing through blog rolls.

You\’ll find that this was a much better use of your time than taking a break! In fact, if you did this right and calmed down before searching through the internet for ideas, you\’ll see that this kind of was a break in itself.

Keep in mind that writing when you don\’t feel like writing is actually the best time to do it.

Now get back to writing!

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