How to Conquer Writer’s Block – The Ultimate Guide

Your blood is passing by through your veins, however writer’s blog is a state when your creative bone on your hand is no more in the state of writing any creative article.

 It happens to almost all the bloggers and writers as because in blogging industry you need come up with new articles everyday to engage your readers. So, the point here coming is “How to conquer writer’s block“.

Well, simply you can’t leave this issue behind as because it can affect your blog a lot.

How to Conquer Writer’s Block?

My recent experiment (that was for writer’s block article) in which I tried with my own blog showed that being inactive can take down your site’s traffic and earning by 30%, for your sake let me tell you a quick yet good example.

You are been given to choose between a day-after-yesterday’s apple (yup I am talking about apple fruit not Apple, you know what I mean) and a fresh apple and both are kept on the table. So, the choice is yours. Which one you would like to take at one go?

Yes, the fresh apple obvious. Same alike, when your blog is inactive for several days, then readers will too not be interested in your blog to check. Or else, your blog may be like a rotten apple. Frankly speaking, I am too victimized of writer’s block unfortunately.

However, today I thought of an idea to write down an article as because I too know that you are here as because either to take precaution steps or else already been a victim of it.

Let’s extend our ideas and know “how to conquer writer’s block”.The most yet to say the foremost trendy thing happen before writing a 1000 words or so articles you just get confused what the topic to be written, seems to wired yet if you aren’t yet suffered from this then don’t you worry.

It’s the most common problem of us (yes, me too included).You need time and a lot of time before writing an article and for finding the correct topic to engage your readers, however due to lack of time you aren’t able to do so.Fear, is another wired thing that happen.

You need perfectionism in your article and too you have well perfected article buffing inside your head however, due to your fear you don’t do it and so it never begins.

Kick-off Writer’s Block

1. Give your mind some rest, go for walk or cycling this will get your blood moving. Your surrounding and nature could be one of the most inspiring that too can’t be found on the internet. While spending 4-5 hours in-front of the screen can make you mad enough that it will be a blockage for being a creative writer, so rest a while else go for a walk.

2. Don’t fear, and let it be, your blog is your own empire and you at the top is the King of all. So, you have full rights in your empire. Same, here in your blog you are allowed to do what you want (or no).

Although I am telling so, but keep in mind say no to non-ethical strategies (illegal/black hat strategies). Whenever you aren’t getting a strong idea you can write some basic things that can be too informative for your readers. Read next point.

3. Start from basic, not advance or so, your mind stuck of ideas when you just start from advance part. But you might be forgetting that among those all readers not everyone is not a professional blogger (you know what I mean), if you don’t give equal attention to both new and pre-bloggers then how can you be called a kind writer?.

Don’t just start writing “Advance SEO Optimization” as because you haven’t yet told your readers what the heck SEO is? Isn’t it. Go, step by step and you can see a lot of improvement.

4. Don’t let your creative juice to be blocked and emerges as writer’s block, there’s certain time I face (Yes, it’s me actually) that after writing few words or in the first paragraph itself I am not able to write further. So, what I usually do is to save it as draft either in my blogging provider (WordPress) or else in notepad as because I can come up with another idea to write  down on that topic later on and conquer over the writer’s block.

5. Write now, edit later, don’t just sit dull on your chair focusing towards your computer screen and hand over your mouse (particularly you too might be in same position that I am thinking about). Yet, try writing what you will to write. Suppose, as now you are reading this article (and just now you saw a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m…..and now you are moving your head right side oh left side) so you can easily spend few minutes to write down the topic, um you can take these few ideas to write:

1. Brainstorming Ideas To Write Inspiring Articles. 
2. 10 Tips To Improve Your Traffic by 204%
3. 10 Tips To Become a Creative Blogger. 
4. 10 Surefire Ideas To Make Money Online. 
5. Blast Up Your Writer’s Block – 5 Tips (Yes, I don’t mind)Or else, if you are writing about sports then you can write about the t-20 matches or any trending topics. And if you are writing about those that of technology then you can easily come up with 100’s of ideas just by searching on Google “Trending Technology of 2014”.
6.  Good writers copy whereas great writers steal, oh ya, don’t you think I have gone mad or what? May be or may not. Yet, here I am not telling you to steal anything or do burglary but it’s a quick strategy for kicking off writer’s block.

If you are professional enough in your thoughts you can easily have 100’s of idea. Just you need to get the ideas (But How?).Suppose, your blog is of blogging niche just like this blog. So, what I actually use to do (not always, but yes when no juice flows off my brain to write down) is to check some famous or particularly the blogs which are same to my niche (there’s 1,000,000 or more), so I think you got my point.

7. Turn off your internet, mostly writer’s block emerge when your internet is on particular during writing an article. Close Facebook, turn Twitter off while writing nor check your site stats while writing.

Mostly while writing you may have noticed that your friend message you something and to reply it back you just move towards your Facebook or any other social networking site. However it makes your concentration part lower and don’t make you able to focus on what you are writing or trying to write.

8. Start tackling your mind: Suppose your blog for 3 hours daily (avg.) and whenever you open your browser notice that what make you stuck everyday, is it your inbox to check mails, your site stats, your new messages on social networking sites or what task you do at first and what makes your writer’s block more.

If you are serious enough toward your blog’s success then don’t just do anything at first rather than coming to a great topic to write it down.

You can see the improvement you have and slowly, slowly you can kick-off your writer’s block.What’s your excuse?

Although, I won’t tell your writer’s block will immediately go away, but there’s a famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. Try, try, try and you would succeed. There’s few gems in our blogging industry who’s article influence and you may get amazed that their articles contain over 2000 to 9000 words (per articles), it’s a Wow factor .

So, try improving your writing skill and don’t get frustrated if you fail while writing, yet I would recommend you to  follow these surefire strategies to kick-off your  writer’s block .For further issues/questions you can directly drop a comment below, I would try to give you a super fast solution.

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