Write So Grandma Can Understand You

Being concise is not something we as the person speaking wish to be. We want to use flowery language and discuss with great detail our accomplishments and opinions. However, the people listening to us would rather if we just got straight to the point.

What I want you to do with your next post is to write so that your grandmother can understand you. Concise, simple to understand and easy to implement. If your grandmother were to come across your post she would say the following:

\”My my, how easy it is to understand what you\’re saying here darling.\”
\”I could put this to use right away!\”
\”I\’m going to write this down next to my list of pills so I don\’t forget about it.\”

Joking aside, being concise can be a real challenge for you as the writer and speaker to your audience.

You will want to inject as much information into your post as possible, after all that\’s only human nature, but what you should really aim to do is fill your post with concise, easy to follow steps and rationale.

After you finish writing, you should look at your post and think that it is just barely enough information to get a person started and on the right track. If you\’d like to add a few more details feel free, as long as they add new value to what you\’ve already written.

Try not to rehash your thoughts over and over, at least not more than the opening and concluding paragraphs.

Do you talk too much on your blog? Could your grandma understand and easily implement your ideas?

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