Siteground Black Friday 2024 Deals

Are you looking for siteground black friday deals?

Before investing check out the amazing black friday deals offers by various hosting companies.

And before settling for one, it is important to understand and know the company that you decide to buy a web hosting plan with. 

Why is it important to know the company you buy your hosting plan from? It’s important for a very simple reason your website is only up and visible when your web hosting plan and the provider is active.  

Amongst the various companies offering discounts, check out SiteGround and the deals offered by the company this Black Friday. 

[su_box title=\”Siteground Hosting Overview\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

Speed: Load under less than 1 second
UP Time: 99.99%
Customer Support: 24*7 live customer support
Site Migration: Free
Free Domain: No
Free SSL, Email, and Backup: Yes
Price: 75% Off on all Hosting Plans

Why You Should Choose Siteground Black Friday Deal?

Always choose a hosting provider on the basis of the features the company has to offer. The various features this company has are as follows:

1. Super Quick Loading

Have you ever stayed on a website which loads slowly? No. As a general webserver, we hate websites that take a lot of time to load and are slow.

Thus, as website builders we should know how important loading speed is so that we can give our visitors a good experience. 

Loading speed is dependent on your web hosting provider and thus the web hosting providers have to be chosen carefully. 

Note that fast loading speed is also an important SEO factor. SiteGround uses new innovative technology like NGINX Server, Super cache technology, and SSD storage technology.

These new technologies help maintain loading speeding, which is the ultimate priority of the website managers. 

2. Guaranteed Uptime

You have your website for a reason, visibility round the clock. You want your business or blog to stay up all the time.

SiteGround offers you a 99.997% uptime guarantee; this means that there will be no downtime.

Zero downtime or maximum uptime also impacts your SEO score and thus, your web hosting provider should make sure there is very minimal downtime. 

This is a very favorable feature for any web hosting providing company, and SiteGuard has this feature captured entirely right.

Reliability is a very important factor in deciding what which web hosting provider you want, the fact that the company guarantees such high uptime, makes it reliable. 

3. Constant Technical Support

Whether you are newbie setting up a website for the first time or an experienced professional, you need to ensure that you have strong customer support from your web hosting provider.


Technical glitches are unforeseeable, even a minor glitch can cause an issue with the website. You need someone who can guide you through such glitches if in case they arise. 

SiteGround provides 24*7 round the clock live customer support. The response is always fast, helpful, and effective.

The support provided is of three kinds and you can choose one on the basis of your comfort, ticket support, SiteGround chat support, and phone call support.

You need relentless and reliable support and this company provides exactly that. 

4. Tight Security and Free SSL

The free SSL certificate should be enough points for the security aspect for a web hosting provider, however, there is more.

SiteGround believes that the security of customer data is very important. The company uses a malware detection technology to prevent your website from hackers and works relentlessly to make sure your website is safe. 

The safety of your website is of utmost importance to you and SiteGround realizes this and makes the safety of your work its priority. 

The free SSL certificate gives you Https, which is important for SEO and also for the protection of the visitor data. 

5. SSD Storage Technology

Data backup and storage is incredibly important for anyone who has a website, whether for blogging or business. SiteGround uses SSD Storage Technology, which is faster and more reliable than HDD storage technology.

Not only SDD technology more reliable and faster, but also boosts your website performance and speed. 

6. Regular Automatic Backup

Hate taking regular backups?

Don’t worry, SiteGround takes back up daily, so in case you forget or are just lazy, your web hosting provider is doing the work for you, so you don’t have to worry. 

While other web hosting providers also provide daily backup services, but for a charge, whereas SiteGround provides you the daily backup facility for free. So your data is safe and all backed up, daily and for free, what else do you need!

7. User Friendly C-panel

SiteGround offers you one click WordPress installation. While most web hosting providers claim easy installation, however, more often than not, it is not true.

Installing WordPress C-panel isn’t easy and the process can be very complicated. 

However, SiteGround offers you one-click installation and is very easy to use. Also, if you face any issue regarding installation, the SiteGround support team will take care of the whole installation. 

8. Free CloudFare

SiteGround has four data centers across the globe, in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Netherland.

Based on your location and the location of your target audience, you can choose which data center do you want your website to be associated with. 

SiteGround has partnered with cloud flare and provides free CDN (Content Delivery Network) to their customer, this is where the different locations of the data centers come in handy and useful. 

9. No Migration Charges

If you are a new customer, SiteGround will offer you free migration. When switching hosting providers, the ease of migration is an important factor to consider.

The SiteGround team not only offers you free migration but also offers you complete support.

All you have to do is request the migration with them, give them necessary details and permissions, and everything else that needs to be done for migration will be done by the company executives. 

So in case, migration issues have been one of the factors that have been stopping you to change your web hosting provider, SiteGround will take care of this issue for you.

Note that SiteGround offers a free migration facility only for Grow big and go geek plan. 

How Much Will You Have to Pay for Siteground Black Friday Deals


The money that you will have to pay depends on the plan that you will choose. Which plan is appropriate for you, depends on your needs. The following are the various plans offered by the company:

The three plans are: 

  1. Siteground Black Friday StartUp Hosting Plan
  2. Siteground Black Friday GrowBig Hosting Plan
  3. Siteground Black Friday GoGeek Hosting Plan

The difference between these Siteground Black Friday plans is as follows: 

Start UpGrowBigGoGeek
Company’s basic plan offering and is thus the cheapest.Secondary plan offered by the company, which offers features in addition to the StartUp planThis plan has the most advanced features and offers the user significant upgrade from the other two plans.
Ideal for people who just starting with their websites, new bloggers and even new startups with website traffic under 10,000.The plan can handle website visitors up to 25,000 instead of just 10,000 ideal for growing bloggers and business websites which have high traffic or high growth.The website under this hosting plan, can handle visitors up to 100,000. 
The user gets to host one website, gets 10 GB disk space, 2GB mailbox space and 500 MB database. The subscriber can host unlimited websites, gets storage of 20 GB has a database size of 750 MB Host an unlimited number of websites with this plan, no limitations. For the storage part, you get memory space of 30 GB and the database size is 1 GB.
Get the trial plan at $3.95 per monthGet the trial plan at $5.95 per monthThe GoGeek plan is available at the monthly rate of $11.95

Note: Purchasing the Plan for Higher Durations Reduces the Per Month cost for each plan. 

Websites that expect heavy traffic, need to have host plans which can handle the traffic. You don’t want your website crashing because of heavy traffic, this will just nullify your whole hard work of gaining more visitors.

So depending on your need and traffic, you should decide the web hosting plan and not on the basis of the cost. 

However, if you are a newbie and are just starting out, it may be wise to invest comparatively less and settle for the StartUp or GrowBig plan and then eventually move to the GoGeek plan as the website visitor traffic increases. 

SiteGround Black Friday Coupon

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Siteground Black Friday 2024 Deals

What is Siteground Black Friday?

The fourth Friday of November 2024 is Black Friday and Siteground will be offering a big discount of 75% on its shared hosting plan.

How Can I Buy The Deal Offered By Siteground During Black Friday 2024?

To get the deal offered by Siteground this Black Friday you can click on this special affiliate link and activate the 75% discount.

How Much Will These Hosting Plans Cost Me?

While the hosting plans offered by the company normally start with the price of $3.95 per month, this Black Friday sale, you can avail of the offers at a 75% discount.

Can I Get a Free Trial For The Services Offered By The Company?

No, currently the company doesn’t offer you a free trial. You have to pay upfront.
However, if you don’t like the services offered by SiteGround, you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the package.

Will I Get a Free Domain With the Hosting Plan?

No, currently the company isn’t offering any free domain with the hosting plan.

How Can I Get This Deal?

All you have to do to get the deal is simply log into and avail the special discount, this Black Friday Sale.

Why Should I Choose SiteGround This Black Friday 2024?

The company is known for its good uptime and customer satisfaction.
Based on its own measure, the company claims to have a 98% satisfaction rate, which has been growing every year for the past five years.
SiteGround is also the officially recommended hosting provider by WordPress.

Still Confuzed look at what Siteground says about their hosting

Conclusion on Siteground Black Friday Deals

I hope this siteground black friday deals help you to choose the best offer for yourself. If you are a beginner then I suggest you go with a startup plan and if you have multiple sites then grow big and go geek plan is best for you.

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