50 Reasons to Do More Than Blog 2024

Bloggers who want to be successful need to do a lot more than just write on their own blog\’s home page.

Here are 50 reasons why you need to do more than just maintain that boring posting schedule.

50 Reasons to Do More Than Blog

1. Twitter allows you to have concise, thoughtful discussions with others and discover new people.
2. Facebook allows you to connect with people based on what they like.
3. Podcasts allow you to have a voice along with your written word.
4. Youtube allows people to see your sincere facial expressions and presentation skills.
5. Forums allow you to communicate with close knit communities.
6. Asking questions off your blog leads to genuine interest and interaction with other people.
7. Giving advice off your blog leads to credibility and trustworthiness.
8. Emailing readers allows you to impress and wow them with personal attention.
9. Offline events give you the opportunity to shine as a people person.
10. Recorded memos allow readers to listen in on your deepest thoughts with no distractions.
11. Commenting on other blogs show that you read as well as you write.
12. Using autoresponders to ask for suggestions and feedback from your audience shows you care what they think.
13. Getting off your blog exposes you to new ideas.
14. Getting off your blog exposes you to new people.
15. Blogging should not be about dictating ideas and disseminating those ideas to an audience, blogging should be about conversation.
16. You\’re not blogging to robots, you\’re blogging to real people and real people want to see you be more than a blogger.
17. You can honestly say do as I do, not just as I say.
18. Inspiration is sometimes just around the corner.
19. Motivation can be found if you look for it.
20. Working non stop on your own blog will burn you out.
21. People like to see a social person because that\’s who they aspire to be.
22. The more places you interact with the more backlinks you will receive.
23. Google likes a social person.
24. You can show your audience a dozen other ways to get in touch with you.
25. Blogs have limited means of communicating with an audience.
26. Blogs lack the ability to handle feedback besides a contact page.
27. Blog commenting often requires moderation and that slows down conversations.
28. Some people don\’t even read blog comments and very few actually leave them on your blog; they leave them where you need to go instead.
29. Being everywhere at once has its advantages and makes you look like a star.
30. People are your buyers, getting to know them outside your blog will help you market to them.
31. Blogs can be your home page, but you need social media and places outside your blog to be your about page.
32. Creativity takes practice.
33. Being vulnerable to criticism shows conviction and honesty.
34. The opportunity to represent your audience manifests itself when you leave your blog.
35. It\’s not difficult to do.
36. It relieves stress (unless of course you have a heated argument!)
37. Conversations allow you to discuss future post ideas.
38. Your audience would love to be a part of your decision making process for your blog.
39. Contests are so much cooler when they are advertised off your blog.
40. Blogging is for the most part static.
41. It makes consuming up to date news and information easier.
42. You can create social proof by pointing to the followers you have on other sites as well as your work therein.
43. There are just so many blogs nowadays, you need to stand out by leaving your front page and getting involved.
44. Your ideas can go viral.
45. You can develop a track record of being friendly, helpful and thought provoking which makes people want to see what your blog has to offer.
46. Odds are your next joint venture partner is not going to find you by reading your blog.
47. When you sell a product, having a host of social media offsite allows you to create a larger distribution channel.
48. Respect will be given to you for your efforts off your site.
49. Writers get better from doing two things: writing and building life experiences.
50. Your time management skills will improve.

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