Losing Mentality That Is Killing Bloggers

There\’s a mentality that far too many people, bloggers included, prescribe to.

Before I talk about this life ruining mentality, let me explain the ideology of successful bloggers.

Successful bloggers are willing to create garbage, learn from it, and do it again. They give their all, knowing full well that every attempt at perfection is an exercise in futility.

These kinds of bloggers understand that they will never be perfect, but that their work can always get closer to perfection.


That\’s the key: going 100% into something knowing that it probably won\’t work out, but that you will learn from the experience. This is why I tell you that Failure is the Best Option.

Even the best bloggers know that their next post will never be their best. Yet they still go 100%, throwing themselves completely into their work with the goal of perfection. Contradictory? Yes, but it works.

For some people, this concept is too much for them. Why? Because they see the world as black and white. When they start a new project or hobby, they instantly realize that they are not perfect.

If you are someone who starts a project, analyzes the fact that it isn\’t perfect, and immediately gives up, then you have this mentality.

For some bloggers, it happens as soon as they realize that they want to be more successful, but can\’t seem to reach their goals in a single leap.

Anyone who has ever lost weight knows that you cannot do anything in one day. But over the course of months and years, you can achieve great changes for your body. The same goes for a terrific and successful blog.

It didn\’t become a sensation over night, and even if it did, the blogger behind it spent quite a bit of time learning his or her craft. More importantly, the blogger took the time to learn from mistakes and put a lot of effort into actually making those mistakes.

One of the biggest obstacles for someone like me, a person who sells Make Money Online Books, is the issue that people need to be convinced to work at something to be good at it. Even if you show people that it\’s fairly easy to become successful, very rarely are they willing to do any work.

For this reason, some of the best selling make money online books simply pump you up and get you excited about working for yourself.

The REALLY GREAT e-books and video courses then get you to use that enthusiasm to do enough work to actually make some money online. Then most people eventually give up because they aren\’t getting to the end goal fast enough.

Another thing to note is that blogging is a business of longevity. There are very few instant success stories. In fact, most of the really successful ones have been doing this for years. Why does this matter?

Because of the relationship you can achieve with someone over that time period. If I sell a product on this site, 99% of the long term readers (12+months) will buy it every time. If you don\’t work to get to that point, then you\’ll never see success rates like 99% of your audience buying a product.

If you really want to make money online, why don\’t you learn from how others do it?

For instance, how does someone like me make money online? Well, first I attract you to the page. That could be the result of any number of Explosive Link Building Strategies.

Next, I show you what you want to see, namely an Aweber sign up form about making money online with a blog or website.

Finally, I deliver make some juicy product offers like Twitter Feeder 2. If you think that this system magically created itself, then you\’re off your rocker.

I had to try 100% every single day to do my best, even when I knew my best was horribly inefficient. Eventually I could afford to hire others to do the work that I sucked the most at. But seriously, every day was spent trying to learn to write well and improve my craft.

For Hostingleaders, I am nowhere near my full potential, not even close. I\’ve put effort into this site because it is a long term goal of mine to make it super successful.

So every day I try to post and do my best. Will it make thousands daily any time soon? No, it will not. That\’s what my main project is for.

But eventually, the skills I learn will enable me to beat the odds and turn The Traffic Blogger into a well known and successful blog.

One day at a time. 100%.

That\’s the recipe for success, but if you have a losing mentality, you\’ll never get past day three.

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