101 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

If you are looking for different ways to drive traffic to your blog or website then this article is for you.

101 Ways to Draw More Traffic to Your Site

1. Write a big list and show it to everyone you know.
2. Hold a contest among your audience and reward them with something cool.
3. Create a youtube video about an idea you blogged on in the past with more clarification and your pretty face.
4. Tweet about a post you haven\’t written yet and ask for ideas.
5. Write articles with Ezinearticles.com and the free ebook you get for subscribing to my email list on this site.
6. Email fellow bloggers and ask them if you can write guest posts for them.
7. Identify your greatest strength and focus on it.
8. Identify your greatest weakness and outsource it.
9. Use Facebook to discuss topics of interest on people/places/things that you like.
10. Post on a forum community\’s website and use your signature to subtlety advertise yourself.
11. Retweet valuable content and then discuss it with those you retrieved it from.
12. Offer your email address to anyone who looks like they are struggling and help them as best you can by pointing them to your services privately and professionally in your email exchange.
13. Don\’t just play the role: be an expert in your niche and do what it takes to remain an expert.
14. Find a wiki and add a page to it about your topic. Include a link somewhere to your site.
15. Locate resource and curation centers focused on your niche and get your name into their lists.
16. Become a resource and curation center for your niche.
17. Cross link your posts, even ones that have already been published. Yes, I do mean all of them; get to work!
18. Stumble until your stumbler is sore.
19. Enter a post you\’ve written into a blogging carnival.
20. Join blogging directories and yes, even add little rectangles that link back to them on your site.
21. Take the time to write a great post. Figure out if you can do that every time. If not, post less.
22. Fight the urge to succumb to writers block by being social and having a life outside of your blog. This will help with ideas for posts and motivate you to be successful.
23. Host a guest post on your site and respond to it.
24. Write comments on popular and non-popular blogs. Find these blogs with google\’s blog search.
25. Push yourself. I\’m only on #25 and already I\’m wondering how I will finish this list. When I get to 101 I\’ll be cheering, believe me!
26. Que posts in advance, don\’t try to always write under the gun with a due date the following morning.
27. Use Skype to communicate with fellow bloggers and readers alike.
28. Comment Luv can be used to more easily advertise your site with comments on other blogs.
29. Write a free ebook and advertise it to everyone you know. Make sure it\’s worth over $27 and heads will turn.
30. Create your own paid ebook or product and make it irresistible. Make sure that it shows off your expertise in your subject.
31. Use google adwords to create campaigns (be careful and start with 1 cent per click, also set a limit).
32. Embrace failure.
33. Learn from failure.
34. Think BIG.
35. Be concise, like points #32-#34.
36. Change up what you write and where you write for traffic every once in a while. Don\’t get into patterns where you always guest post for site A and comment on site B.
37. Creative thinking takes practice, don\’t expect it to just happen overnight.
38. Allow successes to build upon themselves and develop a business model for your site over time based on these successes.
39. Follow the news and use it in your posts.
40. Don\’t just report on what\’s happened, sometimes you have to make the news yourself.
41. If you do create something cool, give it a really unique name (unlike They Why People Course!).
42. Practice what you preach and if you screw up, admit it like our friend #41 here.
43. Find other bloggers and form a comment/retweet brigade.
44. Publish the works of others that are worth reading for your audience. If you have nothing to re-publish, then wait until you do.
45. With regards to Twitter, don\’t tweet unless you have something worth reading. You only lose followers when you tweet something they don\’t want to see.
46. Twitter followers want someone to interact with, not just read.
47. Everywhere you go, leave people wondering what your ideas are and provide them with food for thought.
48. Join, start, or guest participate in a podcast.
49. Call a podcast and leave your site address with your call in.
50. Help your audience start their own community meetings and eventually podcast.
51. Create a forum and run it with members of your readership.
52. Get others to blog around your topic and help them get started.
53. Talk about how great the community is, not how great you are.
54. Actions speak louder than words, even written ones on the internet.
55. Allow tough comments to go through and try your best to answer them professionally. Slaughter the trolls however and block their comments; they are wasting your time.
56. Put your best stuff out their for free. Always, that is the way of the internet.
57. Forget everything you knew about business before the internet.
58. Slap yourself and read up on everything you should remember from business before the internet.
59. Repeat #57-#58 until you have a decent business plan for your site.
60. If you\’re on a roll, keep going.
61. When you see an idea that no one is touching, be the first to embrace it and put the hard work into making it a reality.
62. Want to be the best? Then you actually have to put forth the time, energy and money required to be it.
63. Spend 80% of your time on what works and 20% of your time experimenting on what could work better.
64. Split test and improve every aspect of your business and traffic generation. Never stop. Ever.
65. Part of getting traffic from the outside is utilizing what audience you have on the inside.
66. Put yourself on sites off your blog, even when you\’re huge and have a zillion followers.
67. Never skip ahead of yourself. I just wrote #69 before #67 and #68. That\’s not a good thing as it means I now feel like I have to backtrack and fill in information before moving on. Always move forward, not backward.
68. Speaking of moving forward, your failures are in the past so don\’t dwell on them.
69. Don\’t make inappropriate jokes inspired by this number or any other. No foul language, especially in post titles. Be a mature blogger.
70. As you get closer to the finish line, speed up don\’t slow down.
71. In business you want to be better than competition, not \”the best.\” People understand better, they balk at best.
72. Pick your favorite blog. Analyze why they are successful. Take what you can from this experience and apply it to your own.
73. Be yourself. Don\’t just mimick everything someone else does.
74. You are your greatest asset and I hope that you are dependable for yourself.
75. You are unique.
76. Make YOU worth reading and talking to.
77. Be selfish once in a while and embrace your audience by talking about yourself and asking if they approve of how you\’re doing.
78. Never underestimate the power of viral marketing. Provide your audience with the means to spread your content on their own.
79. Use google keyword tool to plan which keyword phrases you want to go for in everything you do. Even guest posts.
80. Leave links inside your guest posts to your site, this helps a lot with getting traffic.
81. Make your guest posts 10x better than your standard post.
82. Make your guest posts 100x better than your standard post.
83. If you choose #81 you\’ll get 100 new subscribers, if you choose #82 you\’ll get 1000. Up to you.
84. The day you stop learning is the day you stop sounding interesting.
85. Write for a very specific person, even if that person is made up.
86. Have a conversation with yourself in your post. It sounds strange but it is a lot of fun.
87. Be fun, people like fun.
88. There are three things people buy, they also happen to be why they will come to your site in the first place: entertainment, problem solving and systems integration.
89. Work together with another blogger to write a post, either on both your sites at in reply to each other on the same topic or on a single site.
90. Write to other bloggers and call for their response. Be polite, but provocative.
91. Write up the history of another blog and critique their good/bad points. Then tell them that you did it.
92. Spell things correctly. Google warns people when things are spelled wrong and these same people aren\’t going to find you if you don\’t spell check your titles and posts.
93. Focus on relationships with other people.
94. Rome wasn\’t built in a night, neither will your blog be. Try to win over one subscriber each day, then ramp things up with automation through Aweber\’s Autoresponder.
95. Think about what hasn\’t been done yet and do it. Ask your audience what they need to aid you in discovering what hasn\’t been created yet.
96. Train your writing muscle (your brain) to work harder, faster and with greater productivity. Play games, solve puzzles and write as much as you can.
97. When you feel like giving up is when you can separate yourself from your competition.
98. Write about someone famous who has been dead for more than 200 years. Incorporate their story into a lesson about your niche.
99. Take everyday lessons and turn them into posts.
100. Buy my book on making money online. I care about your success and can only write so much in a post.
101. Leave a comment here with your site link and I will publish it. We have Do-Follow for comments here.
102. Sometimes you can add a little more to the conversation, even when you\’ve met your \”quota\” for a post.
103. Write about nursery rhymes and how the lesson in the rhyme applies to your niche.
104. Talk on sites that aren\’t directly related to your site, but are in some way. This will actually give you the greatest shot at expanding your audience once you are saturated.
105. Be everywhere at once and produce content in every way possible.
106. Quality over quantity, but improve upon your delivery time so that you can increase both.
107. Overachieve. Always.
108. Take old content and repackage it into lists or onto a social medium of some sort.
109. I could go on, but I\’m going to stop because the post is getting rather long and I want you to go do these things, not just read about them forever!

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