Shared Hosting VS WordPress Hosting: Difference You Don\’t Know

Shared hosting vs WordPress hosting one of the biggest problems newbies face is which hosting type choose for their website. Because many new bloggers start their website on WordPress so nowadays two kinds of hosting very popular one are shared hosting and the second one is WordPress specific hosting.

So today\’s post I am going to explain to you the difference between shared hosting vs WordPress hosting and which hosting is best for your website.

What is Shared Hosting

If I explain to you shared hosting in a simple meaning then take an example of PG room. On PG room there are three roommates on a single room and all have their own bed and own wardrobe exactly in shared hosting there is one space on a server that is divided equally between the hosting buyers.

Shared hosting is one of the most popular hostings among the newbies because of their low cost price and initial days bloggers don’t have much money to invest in premium hosting plans.

I think now you clearly understood what is shared hosting.

[su_box title=\”Pros of Shared Hosting\” box_color=\”#31b92a\” title_color=\”#ffffff\”]

Like Every hosting plan, they have some pros and cons depends on many factors so in this section you will get to know about the pros of shared hosting.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Best for New bloggers


[su_box title=\”Cons of Shared Hosting\” box_color=\”#e81414\” title_color=\”#ffffff\”]

When it comes to shared hosting pro blogger never preferred shared hosting because of server downtime and security issue.

  • Security issue
  • Downtime
  • Backup problems


What is WordPress Hosting

In simple terms, WordPress hosting is specific for WordPress means while making hosting developers focus more on WordPress user so you get some advanced features like advanced WordPress security, one-click WordPress installation and very little chance of server down.

So this hosting is specifically for WordPress user and they get better benefits in comparison to shared hosting.

[su_box title=\”Pros of WordPress Hosting\” box_color=\”#31b92a\” title_color=\”#ffffff\”]

  • Made specific for WordPress user
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Get updates on time
  • No downtime for WordPress websites


[su_box title=\”Cons of WordPress Hosting\” box_color=\”#e81414\” title_color=\”#ffffff\”]

  • Can’t install any other CMS like Joomla


Difference Between Shared Hosting VS WordPress Hosting

The main difference between Shared hosting and WordPress hosting is on shared hosting you can install any cms but in WordPress hosting you can only install WordPress CMS and WordPress hosting is good for WordPress users.

According to Forbes 85 million, website on the world is made on WordPress. So choosing WordPress specific hosting is a good choice for all the WordPress users.

Which Hosting is Better for Your Newly Started Website

If you started your website on WordPress then WordPress specific hosting is the best choice for you because it is also cheaper and giving the best features to WordPress users and if you want any other cms like Joomla than shared hosting is good for you.


I think if you read this conclusion section then your all doubts hope so clear about what is shared hosting and what is WordPress hosting and which hosting you have to choose for creating your WordPress website.

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