What is blog tagline: 50+ Best Blog taglines for bloggers

What is Blog Tagline and Why Blog Tagline Matters

Blog tagline is defining any product means what is product is all about. Different Blog has different blog taglines that help customers or visitor to remember the motto of your blog. So choosing a blog tagline is very tricky and good work.

For Example, the blog name is the-shooting-star.com and its tagline is just a girl who travels

So this blog is all about travel and its tagline clearly defines there is a girl who loves travel and sharing his experiences through her blog

What are Some Good Taglines

Good taglines are those who define your blog or product clearly so I am going to show you some good taglines from authority blogs in different niches so you get a better idea of what kind of taglines are good and memorable.

Examples of Good Blog Taglines


S.no Blog Name Tagline Niche
1. the-shooting-star Just a girl who travels travel
2. neilpatel.com Helping you succeed through online marketing Digital marketing
3. wpbeginner Beginners guide for WordPress WordPress


How Long Should a Blog Tagline Be

There is not any exact length decided for tagline because of it different for different purposes but for blog having not more than 8 to 10 words in tagline because after that it difficult to remember so always try to make your blog tagline crystal clear and easy to remember.

Different Taglines for Different Niche Blogs


5 Tagline for Review Blog

A review blog is that tells about products in detail and also the pros and cons of that product and how his overall experience after using that product so tagline matters a lot if your blog name is not simple then tagline for your review blog matters a lot because it defines about your blog what kind of products you review.

[su_box title=\”These are Some Names for Your Review Blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. A safe place in an unsafe world!
  2. Stays Sharp \’til The Bottom of the Glass.
  3. Good Honest review Since 2020.
  4. Better Ingredients, Better review.
  5. The king of review.


5 Taglines for Podcast

These days podcast is booming all over the internet so your catchy tagline for podcast stands out you from the crowd. I am going to show you some taglines for your podcast so you can choose according to your needs.

[su_box title=\”These are Some Blog Taglines for Podcast\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. It\’s your podcast !
  2. podcast better than best.
  3. Award winning podcast .
  4. Don\’t Get Mad, Get podcast .
  5. Think different.


5 Taglines for Travel Blog

Travel blog is one of the most popular categories in blogs so choosing a tagline for travel blog is a little bit tricky because many common words are used by big players so choosing a new tagline for your travel blog is not that much easy but I have some cool travel blog taglines that help you to choose a better tagline for your travel blog.

[su_box title=\”These are Some Taglines for Travel Blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. Stay cool with travel.
  2. Nothing Works Better Than a travel .
  3. The travel community.
  4. The Power of travel.
  5. My Anti-Drug is travel.


5 Taglines for Food Blog

Food is not just food it\’s a life and food blog is all time my favorite blog and food blog also becomes more popular when social media like Instagram come in the market.

So the scope of a travel blog is very huge in the future so for making a travel blog you need a good name and a foodie tagline that defines your hunger for your food so I have some food blog tagline that helps you to select a perfect tagline for your blog.

[su_box title=\”These are Some Taglines for Food Blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. It\’s Good To Talk food.
  2. Something Special In The food.
  3. Connect with food.
  4. Nobody doesn\’t like food.
  5. Heal the world with food.


5 Taglines for Finance Blog

Finance blog are very essential blog because these blog teaches us how to manage our money and if you have a geek for saving money using credit cards and online shopping then you must have to start a finance blog.

For your finance blog, i have some special taglines that help you to choose one for your blog.

[su_box title=\”These are Some taglines for Finance Blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. From Our finance to Yours.
  2. finance is scrumdelicious!
  3. I\’m Lovin\’ finance .
  4. The spirit of finance.
  5. Review the facts finance is the best.


5 Taglines for Digital Marketing Blog

Digital marketing is booming nowadays in India. These blog sharing tips related to internet marketing.

Mainly so if you have a good catchy tagline name for your digital marketing blog then people will recognize you easily.

[su_box title=\”These are the Some Digital Marketing Blog Taglines\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. The age of digital marketing.
  2. The spirit of digital marketing.
  3. Unzip a digital marketing.
  4. digital marketing, the smart choice.
  5. digital marketing food for the soul.


5 Taglines for Health Blog

Health blog considers as one of the sensitive blog topics because people trust your advice and if your advice is wrong people may face health issues for your health blog taglines matter that help you to recognize and tell about your specialty of your domain.

[su_box title=\”These are some taglines for health blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. Show Me The health !
  2. Happiness is health -Shaped.
  3. I\’m a Secret health Drinker.
  4. The spirit of health .
  5. See the health , Feel the Shine.


5 Taglines for Fitness Blog

Fitness blog is very trendy today time because people don’t have a proper time to join gym so they are looking for some tips or home based fitness tips so creating blog on fitness tips is a right time and for your fitness blog, we have some cool taglines so you choose one of them for your fitness blog.

[su_box title=\”These are some taglines for fitness blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. Get Serious. Get fitness .
  2. fitness ize me.
  3. Women love fitness .
  4. It\’s fitness Time.
  5. fitness – be prepared.


5 Tagline for Lifestyle Blog

A lifestyle blog is very popular among teenagers they show their daily routine, work and also their dressing sense style so people start copying them or start inspiring. So starting a lifestyle blog is very important

[su_box title=\”These are some taglines for lifestyle blog\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. Free lifestyle blog for all.
  2. Hand-Built by lifestyle blogger.
  3. Stop. Go. lifestyle blog .
  4. Our lifestyle blog beats last year\’s lifestyle blog .
  5. lifestyle blog the river of life.


5 Cute Taglines for Blog

Cute taglines is mainly used by girls or beauty bloggers so having a one cute tagline for your blog. I have some blog taglines they help you to select one for your blog.

These are some Cute Taglines for Blog.

[su_box title=\”These are some Cute Taglines for Blog.\” box_color=\”#0000CC\”]

  1. Life is short, wear cute!
  2. cute Is Our Middle Name.
  3. Feel the cute .
  4. Me and my cute .
  5. cute is crazy good.


Blog Tagline Generator

Creating a tagline for your blog is not easy for everyone. So for your help, we created a list of some online blog tag generators. Using these tools you can easily able to create some catchy and cool tagline for your blog.

[su_box title=\”These are the Some Online Blog Generator Tools\” box_color=\”#31b92a\” title_color=\”#ffffff\”]

  1. https://www.designhill.com/tools/slogan-maker
  2. https://www.shopify.in/tools/slogan-maker
  3. https://www.oberlo.in/tools/slogan-generator
  4. http://www.slogangenerator.org/
  5. http://www.procato.com/slogan+generator/



I hope you will now clearly understand why blog tagline matters a lot and how you can choose a blog tagline for your own blog. At last, I just want to say add some industry-related keywords in tagline generator you will get some more fresh results.

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