10 Tips to Becoming an Idea Freak

Not a bad book title, \”Idea Freak,\” huh? Maybe my next book, who knows!

So what does it mean to be an idea freak? No, it doesn\’t mean you need to come up with freaky ideas, though those aren\’t always a negative when you\’re blogging. What I mean by idea freak is that you come up with ideas on a daily basis.


For many people, coming up with ideas is really hard, especially new and inspiring ones. Here are my ten tips to help you become an idea freak.

  1. Take an old concept and try to challenge it. Be memorable.
  2. Find a misconception in your niche and instead of just dispelling it, try to analyze and explain it as well.
  3. Create a new term for something and present it in a new way.
  4. Old ideas are old, but sometimes two old ideas combined become a new and revolutionary one.
  5. Create a piece of advice that is universal for new and old members of your niche.
  6. Bring outside influences such as hobbies and life experiences into your writing.
  7. Join forces with others.
  8. Help an individual member of your audience out in a post by answering directly their questions and concerns.
  9. Ask your audience through your email autoresponder for suggestions and topics you could write about.
  10. Look at neglected forms of media in your niche and start using them.

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