Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020

Are you looking for affordable web hosting solutions? If yes, Flywheel Black Friday Deals are the best option to consider.

Flywheel is a popular web hosting application used in WordPress web hosting activities by bloggers. However, web hosting solutions can often turn out to be pretty expensive, reducing web design output of a company.

Availing a plan for Flywheel web hosting on Black Friday is a good option as the festival of Black Friday brings the joy of cheaper services and special discounts for people.

Flywheel Black Friday Deals offer seeks to provide up to 40% discount for all web designers and developers, letting one avail web hosting services at an affordable rate.

This article highlights everything about Black Friday Flywheel Web Hosting 2020 and its pricing plans. You can also get to know about the features and benefits you can avail from this offer and how you can avail this Flywheel web hosting offer on November 2020.

About Flywheel Web Hosting

Flywheel web hosting is one of the many services provided by Flywheel since 2013. This service of Flywheel helps to cater to the web hosting requirements of various bloggers, web designers and web developers using the site of WordPress.

Flywheel provides various web hosting solutions to its clients. It does so by integrating creativity with technology, adding a unique touch to its services.

Pros of Flywheel Hosting

Like every other web hosting software, Flywheel too has its own set of pros and cons.

  • Flywheel has a proper demo site which enables easy use of the web hosting software by both new and experienced users. This makes it easy to use compared to most web hosting software.
  • Using Flywheel involves an automated backup system. This provides the advantage of the protection of assets and patents of people and enterprises.
  • Malware cleanup ensures up to 99.9% protection from hackers and malicious online attacks.
  • Apart from these, Flywheel web hosting involves easy use of secure encrypted communication. The easy SSL certification provided gives an extra advantage to easy use of Flywheel web hosting plugin on WordPress for web design and development.

Cons of Flywheel Hosting

It is rightly said that ‘a half-filled glass is also half empty’. Flywheel web hosting is no exception to this phrase, as it too has its own set of disadvantages.

  • The first con of Flywheel is its lack of support for other blogging and creative online posting sites.
  • Flywheel web hosting only supports WordPress, so only WordPress account users can use this solution for the development and design of the website.
  • The SSL installation poses another problem.

About Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020

The Flywheel Black Friday 2020 Offer seeks to provide a discount of up to 40% to all the new users. The offer will be doled out from Thanksgiving 12 AM till Cyber Monday.

The 40% discount will be provided for the first year of the annual package availed by the users, who wish to design and develop their website by availing the web hosting solutions of Flywheel.

All one needs to do is apply the code FLYDAY20 to avail this exclusive Black Friday offer.

Why You Should Buy the Flywheel Black Friday Deals

1. Better Control and Flexibility

The first and foremost reason why you should avail the Flywheel Black Friday offer is to gain better control and flexibility in web hosting activities. Flywheel web hosting and WordPress site development let’s you carry out your activities in a faster and better way.

The use of free SSL certificates, automatic nightly backups, Malware cleanups and real human support provides you with better control and management of the account.

Better control and flexibility in the management of website and domain means better web design and development, therefore, better results.

2. Pricing of Products

The second prime reason to avail this Black Friday offer is the flat 40% discount on the annual plans.

These plans which will be subjected to discount

  • Starter plan (available at 180USD per year post discount)
  • Freelancer (available at 690 USD annually post discount)
  • Agency plan (available at 1740 USD per year post discount)

This major reduction in pricing plus 2 months of free web hosting services is a major reason why you should avail the Black Friday offer of Flywheel.

How to Avail Flywheel Black Friday Offer?

  1. Click here for a special link (You will get 40% discount on your bill)
  2. Choose a plan from the options – Starter, Freelance and Agency, based on your needs.
  3. Follow the payment procedure.
  4. Hurray you finally get a 40% discount on Black Friday flywheel offer.

Features of Flywheel Web Hosting

Just like any other web hosting platform, Flywheel too has its own set of features. These features include:

1. Performance as fast as lighting itself

Flywheel web hosting provides you with lightning-fast performance. This web hosting platform uses the Google Cloud Platform, letting the users know about any sudden rise in visitors immediately. The surges and spikes in viewers have been noted and monitored, all thanks to the Flywheel web hosting platform.

2. Security against hackers and malicious attacks

This web hosting platform provides its users with a large set of backups to protect their assets online. Its automatic night backups and its free malware cleanup enable one to secure their website against hackers and malware.

3. 24/7 support

One major thing which often bugs the minds of customers is getting unreliable support from automated robotic systems. The lack of use of robots and more involvement of a global support team lets one get reliable solutions. All one needs to do is post the query or seamless tickets on its dashboard.

4. Robust network infrastructure

Flywheel web hosting involves the use of a robust network infrastructure. The presence of such a network infrastructure leads it to provide bloggers and freelancers along with firms with genuine high-quality web design solutions for network marketing and monitoring.

5. Demo for new users

Say goodbye to the complicated channel. Flywheel web hosting involves streamlining the workflow. This streamlining in the workflow involves the collaboration of every person right from the management to the freelancers.

Moreover, its blueprints and local WordPress solutions simplify the platform for even new web designers and developers, making web hosting easy.

Pricing Strategy followed by Flywheel Web Hosting

Flywheel web hosting services involves the use of two pricing strategies for the provision of web hosting solutions. Firstly, it implements the freemium pricing strategy, in which it allows the new user with unlimited free trials for a period of two months.

Post these two months, one needs to pay for the availed services provided by the organisation.

The second is the use of a differentiation strategy. Since Flywheel provides its services to all website designers and developers, it highlights the salient features of each package to highlight each pricing plan to the new user.

Pricing Details of Flywheel

Individual Package

There are two types of individual packages which are available at Flywheel

  • Tiny
  • Starter

The Tiny plan is available for 15USD (1141.75 INR) per month, whereas Starter costs 30 USD (2283.49 INR) per month. The price of annual price plans is slightly less.

Tiny is worth 150 USD per year while Starter is worth 300 USD for a year.

Individual Package Benefits

Individual packages are best for start-ups and SMEs. These packages provide up to 50GB of storage along with 25,000 visits to the page.

Moreover, one gets web hosting services for one page to develop the online business and even gets the option of free migration in web hosting solutions.

Also, one can get the performance and update insights regarding website design and even avail 24/7 customer support to resolve queries on the go.


The bulk packages are

  • Freelance
  • Agency
  • Customized

Freelance costs 115 USD (8753.40 INR) per month, while an agency package is worth 290 USD (22073.78 INR) per month.

On an annual basis, the price of Freelance package is 1150 USD per year while the agency plan is 2900 USD per year. However, the price of a customized package varies as per the services availed by the firm.

Bulk Benefits

The bulk packages allow one to monitor, design and develop more than one site. If one uses the customized package one can even get the services of a domain account manager along with free SSL certifications.

Overall, Black Friday Flywheel web hosting offer is a very good option to consider for availing an easy to use hosting platform to engage in designing and development of the website.

Its speedy and easy to use interface along with SSL certifications and WordPress support makes it a great platform.

So if you are planning to develop your website within the next 6 months, the Black Friday offer of Flywheel Web Hosting is the best one for you. So go to Flywheel and avail its Black Friday offer!

FAQ on Flywheel Black Friday Deals 2020

Does Flywheel Support Other Blogging Platforms?

No. Flywheel only supports WordPress blogging platform. So, if you have WordPress Support for your website, Flywheel web hosting is the most suitable option. However, if you do not have one, it is advisable to either get one or avail other web hosting products.

How to Reset the Site Back to a Clean Site?

It is inevitable to first create a backup before resetting any site, just in case you need to restore it later.
You need to follow these steps:
1.Install WP reset
2. Configure the reset settings
3. WP reset tools
4. Remove WP reset
This is it! Your website is reset and ready for you to inaugurate building it once.

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