How to Earn Money From TikTok in India 2023

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How to Earn Money From TikTok in India 2023

Tik Tok right now is one of the popular small videos creating an app. Tiktok has around 188 million downloads according to economic times.It is time to earn money from tiktok.

Tik tok does not have officially monetization process for their creator but creator on tik tok making handsome amount of money from other passive ways so in this article, I will show India best tik tokers who are earning from tiktok and how you can also earn money from tik tok.

#1. Be An Influencer on Tiktok

One of the popular way to earn money on tiktok is be an influencer because influencers have a very large number of the following and people consuming their content on a daily basis so companies are directly and indirectly approaching you to share their products in your videos so for sharing their video you get money in return.

What Companies are Looking for When They are Searching for Tiktok Influencers.

  • High Engagement of your posts
  • No of followers on your account
  • No of comments
  • Your videos type

Earn Money From TikTok in India

#2. Sell Your Products

Many tiktoker’s markets their digital products through creating videos so this is also one way to earn money from tik tok.

Because if you are any marketer or course creator so you can start telling people about benefits and what kind of relaxation they get after accessing your course and people will indirectly come on your youtube channel and from there you can sell your course to them.

Tik Tok Creators Salary in India

How to Become an Influencer on Tiktok

Earn money from tiktok become influencerLike other social platforms steps are the same here but tik tok is small video creating and sharing platforms so you have to be a video creator to become an influencer on tiktok.

How to Earn Money in Tiktok

Follow These Steps to Become an Influencer on Tiktok

Step. 1

Create an account on tiktok and change your tiktok URL from default to your name or anything related to your name don’t leave as the default user name of tiktok and write a unique bio about your self related to your videos types.

Step. 2

Start making videos regularly and consistently because right now organic reach of tiktok is very high so if you start making content regularly peoples and brands start noticing your videos.

Step. 3

Make videos on trending topic because most of the people searching for that thing so if you making videos on that topic there are high chances of viral your videos.

Step. 4

Share your videos with your friends for starting days because when for initial days your videos need some boost and that will come through when you share your videos with your relatives and friends.

Step. 5

Watch other people of your industry what kind of videos they are making and try to replicate that video or make something more funny or informative so people will love you.

Step. 6

Start approaching brands via their email id or social network and tell about your profile on tiktok and say you want to promote their product on your tiktok or if your videos go viral then brand approach you directly.

Step. 7

This step is very important to try to make original content and upload regularly it will take little time but in 5 to 6 months you get a very good amount of followers on tiktok.


So I think now you can clearly understand how to earn money from tiktok and also how you can also become an influencer on tiktok.

So in last I just want to say produce original content with consistency you will easily get good followers and start able to earn money from tiktok.

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