5 Steps to Dealing with Writer’s Block – Don’t Take Breaks!

Ajeet Yadav

Many online authors site writer’s block as their reason for giving up their writing business. It can be an overwhelming ...

101 Ideas to Motivate You and Expand Your Blogging

Ajeet Yadav

I was trying to sit down and outline a new book, or at least brain storm ideas for one, when ...

Why Choose Bluehost Hosting in 2023

Ajeet Yadav

It can be confusing to decide Why Choose Bluehost Hosting for your website, especially if this is your first time. ...

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Losing Mentality That Is Killing Bloggers

Ajeet Yadav

There’s a mentality that far too many people, bloggers included, prescribe to. Before I talk about this life ruining mentality, ...

101 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Ajeet Yadav

If you are looking for different ways to drive traffic to your blog or website then this article is for ...

Write So Grandma Can Understand You

Ajeet Yadav

Being concise is not something we as the person speaking wish to be. We want to use flowery language and ...

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